Wine Packaging to 2019

"Wine Packaging to 2019" is part of the Brand Actiontm series of studies from Allied Development. Brand Actiontm studies provide a global assessment of the market with a variety of segmentations on a country by country basis. Most importantly, brandowner purchases by package type are quantified and seamlessly integrated into the country by country results.

This Wine Packaging study first examines the wine industry and then examines the wine packaging industry. The wine industry analysis includes industry drivers and trends, current wine consumption, wine consumption forecasts, and the brandowner market data. 

The wine packaging industry analysis includes drivers and trends specific to wine packaging, current wine packaging consumption, wine packaging consumption forecasts, packaging by package type, and the brandowner package purchase data by package type by country.

An even more detailed data set is available on-line in Allied Development’s SpyGlasstm market database.

What sets this study apart?

> the detailed market segment analysis and the insights they provide

> the brand owner detailed procurement data on a country by country basis

> the global market data provided for all countries

Features License Definitions
  • Publication date: JAN 01, 2017
  • Study number: RWP17A
  • Copyright: Allied Development Corp.
  • Corporate License - PDF: US$ 4,995
  • Site License - PDF: US$ 3,995
  • Single User License - PDF: US$ 2,995
  • Additional Single User License - PDF: US$ 500
  • Report Length: 100 pages
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