U.S. Foodservice Packaging - 2013 to 2017

The "U.S. Foodservice Packaging" study encompasses filled packages shipped directly or indirectly from food manufacturers to food service outlets. This packaging market generated US$9.8 billion in revenue in 2012, and it will reach US$11.5 billion in 2017.

"U.S. Foodservice Packaging" provides an extremely detailed examination of the packaging used for the foodservice market. Packaging volume and value are projected for a variety of segmentations. Drivers are analyzed, ranging from the broad impact of macroeconomic conditions to drivers specific to individual packages. In addition, the Appendix contains a complete set of raw market data.

The Technology section pictures many filled packages in actual use at foodservice outlets. Packaging types, sizes, structures, and materials are all examined. Emerging technologies are identified and analyzed.

What Sets this Study Apart?

  • extremely detailed analysis of the foodservice market, with projections to 2017
  • more than 200 end-use market segments
  • detailed analyses of package types, sizes, structure, and materials
  • full set of raw market data in the Appendix
  • drivers identified and examined for the foodservice industry itself and for the foodservice packaging market  

Who Should Buy this Report:

  • Packaging Converters
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Equipment and Machinery Suppliers
  • Brand Owners and Foodservice Operators
  • Industry Analysts
Features License Definitions
  • Publication date: APR 02, 2013
  • Study number: RFS13A
  • Copyright: Allied Development Corp.
  • Full Study - Corporate License - PDF Format: US$ 7,795
  • Full Study - Single User License - PDF: US$ 4,995
  • Each Additional Copy: US$ 500
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