Oriented Films - 2011 to 2015

“Oriented Films 2011 to 2015” is our fourth global study of the oriented film and sheet industry.  It includes orientation technology, industry drivers, geographic trends, market statistics, and market forecasts.  This study examines every oriented film and sheet market including OPP, OPET, OPA, OPS, OPLA, premium shrink film, barrier shrink films, and others. 


This study names all producers of oriented film and sheet in the world, and it includes historical and current capacity for each.  Detailed profiles are provided for the largest producers.  Equipment suppliers are also profiled.


The market analysis of each film type includes many segmentations.  For example, OPET film is used in packaging, label, electronics, graphics, industrial, and other segments, and the analysis provides volume and value for each of these end-uses.  In addition to end-use, segmentations include coating process, production method, geographic region, and others.  All segmentations include historical, current, and projected volumes to 2015.


With this new study you will:

  • Understand the dramatic changes in the industry infrastructure
  • Envision the future of the oriented films industry through market projections and important technological innovations
  • Understand why the growth of oriented films is continuing
  • Learn which applications are generating growth now and those that will be generating growth in the future
  • Find out how successful industry participants will adapt to changing conditions
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  • Publication date: AUG 05, 2011
  • Study number: ROF11A
  • Copyright: Allied Development Corp.
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