EE's of Packaging Series: Microwaveable Soup in Pouch vs Bowl
 "Microwaveable Soup in Pouch vs Bowl" is a part of our EES of PackagingTM research studies. These studies emphasize the Economic impact and the Environmental impact of specific products, packages, and processes.

In this study, we examine the alternatives for packaging microwaveable soup in a pouch versus a bowl. We include a complete value chain and life cycle analysis in the research.

Undoubtedly, you have read or heard from sources with equally good reputations, diametrically opposed economic and environmental claims about packaging. This common occurrence leaves industry participants, prospects, and customers frustrated and uncertain as to which results should be believed. We solve this dilemma in the EES of PackagingTM research series.

Our SavvyPack® Index is at the heart of this solution. Our SavvyPack® Index complements our SavvyPack® Analysis Service. Primarily, we analyze the economic and environmental impacts of packaging through our Analytical Service and compare the results utilizing our SavvyPack® Index. We also include package performance results in the index.

 With this new study you can:

> Understand the points of view of competing industries

> Learn, quantitively, how competing claims are constructed by their sponsors

> Break free from the stalemate caused by competing claims

> Discover a powerful and independent service and methodology designed specifically for package industry issues

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  • Publication date: AUG 02, 2013
  • Study number: EE_RSP-B
  • Copyright: Allied Development Corp.
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