Labels in Packaging - Global Markets, Economics, Environmental Impact, and Technology - 2011 to 2015
  "Labels in Packaging 2011 - 2015" is a global study that provides a high level of understanding of the label industry and a detailed understanding of the packaging label industry.

The study includes a detailed economic and environmental comparison between glue-applied and self-adhesive labels.

The Market section divides the global label market into two segments – packaging and non-packaging labels. Non-packaging labels are segmented into transportation and logistics labels, industrial and consumer durable labels, promotional and security labels, office labels, and retail tags. Forecasts and analyses are provided through 2015. Packaging labels are segmented with more granularity, examined to individual end-uses, with forecasts and analyses through 2015.

Who is this study written for:

  • Label Converters
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Equipment and Machinery Suppliers
  • Brand Owners
  • Industry Analysts
Features License Definitions
  • Publication date: DEC 20, 2010
  • Study number: RLBS10A
  • Copyright: Allied Development Corp.
  • Single User License - PDF: US$ 4,495
  • Single User License - Hardcopy: US$ 4,495
  • Corporate License - PDF: US$ 7,195
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  • Report Length: 317 Pages
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