Biopolymers in Packaging 2013 to 2017
 "Biopolymers in Packaging" is a global study of the biopolymer industry. It first examines the total biopolymer market, then focuses on biopolymers within the packaging market, which comprises nearly 70% of the total market for biopolymers.

Suppliers, converters, and users around the globe are making huge investments in biopolymers, which will impact every facet of the packaging industry. As a result, the biopolymer market will increase 25% per year during the next five years.

"Biopolymers in Packaging" evaluates each biopolymer and its manufacturing technology, production capacity, converting challenges, market drivers, and market projections. The market projections include volume, price, value and many segmentations such as by plant source, package type and geographic region.

What Sets this Study Apart?

> current and projected capacity for each supplier of each biopolymer

> detailed profiles of all biopolymer producers

> consumption projections for volume, price, and value of each biopolymer

> multiple market segmentations and drivers for each biopolymer

        > economic and environmental impact analyses

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  • Publication date: AUG 26, 2013
  • Study number: RBPP13A
  • Copyright: Allied Development Corp.
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