Barrier Materials for Flexible Packaging - Global Markets, Economics, Environmental Impact, Technology, and Participants
"Barrier Materials for Flexible Packaging 2016 to 2020" examines a comprehensive range of barrier materials that are used in the production of flexible packaging. The study focuses on materials that provide oxygen transmission rates from zero to 77.5 cc/m2/day(5 cc/100in2/day) and/or moisture vapor transmission rates from zero to 1.5 gm/m2/day (0.10 gm/100in2/day).

This Barrier Material’s market is projected to grow 2.7% per year through 2020 to reach US$13.0 billion. The Market Analysis section examines key drivers and trends affecting the entire industry, and it separately analyzes the drivers and trends for each barrier material. In addition, the Market Analysis presents both historical and projected consumption for each material through 2020.

Several case scenarios are analyzed to compare the relative economics of barrier materials at various levels of oxygen barrier. It also tracks the changes in these relationships through time. Additionally, complementary cases examine the environmental impacts (GHG emissions) of these same barrier materials.

What sets this study apart?

> the detailed market segment analysis and the insights they provide

> the quantitative Economic and Environmental analyses completed on Allied Development’s SavvyPack® System

> the accurate profiles of industry participants

> the identification and examination of emerging technologies

         > Allied Development’s 15+ years of research in this specific market

Who Should Buy This Study:

> Converters

> Raw Material Suppliers

> Equipment and Machinery Suppliers

> Brand Owners

> Industry Analysts

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  • Publication date: JAN 18, 2016
  • Study number: RBFP16A
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